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The Marriage Center is a division of The Sterling Center whose mission is to work with couples sometimes before, usually during, and sometimes after a marriage.

The Goal of the Marriage Center is to work with couples and help them to remain together in a more productive and happier relationship.

In those cases where it is clear that the couple can no longer stay together, divorce counseling and/or mediation help them to work through their issues, thus allowing them to settle into a less conflictual post-marital situation.

Oftentimes those convicted of domestic violence crimes are acting out the frustration of an unhappy relationship where they seem to feel that they have no alternative.

Counseling is often useful in these situations, and the family brought to a more healthy way of interacting with each other through the use of couples or family counseling techniques.

Children can be traumatized by family conflicts, and divorce too. The Sterling Center can also provide counseling for children whose parents are going through a difficult time, or are in the process of a divorce.