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Working with children and adolescents requires special skills in that they tend to hold so much of their feelings in and not be able to talk about them directly. Children who are hurting tend to "act out", or withdraw.

Our Juvenile specialists use a multi-modality approach to enlisting the participation and motivation of the youngster for treatment. Individual counseling, combined with family, or group work, can help the child to open up and work toward resolving whatever is bothering them. Youngsters also need to learn how to utilize appropriate behavioral controls, and to express their needs in a healthier, more socially acceptable manner.

Addressing the Problems of:

  • Depression, Anxiety, Withdrawal
  • Poor School Performance
  • Family and Peer Conflicts.  Sibling rivalry
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Sexual Victimization
  • Dealing with Parental Separation
  • Behavioral Acting Out
  • Ignoring parental directions
  • Minor Substance Abuse



Middlesex County

26 Shunpike Road
Cromwell, Connecticut 06416
Tel. 860-635-5700
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Fairfield County

731-C Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, Connecticut 06484
Tel. 203-929-2400
Fax. 203-929-5202