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Specialized Treatment Services provides comprehensive specialized evaluations and treatment services to children and adolescents who have been the victims of maladaptive sexual behaviors at home or in the community.

Participation may be voluntary, or it may be requested by DCF, DHMAS, DDS, Juvenile Probation, or other providers.

Our program is designed to explore behavior and address identified treatment needs.

If the youngster has been identified as exhibiting sexually inappropriate behaviors themselves we work with the assumption that such behaviors may have case specific reasons, and could serve some purpose for the youngster.

We work with those youngsters who acknowledge their behaviors as well as those minimizing or denying them.

A comphrehensive evaluation of each case results in a community risk assessment, and individually tailored treatment plan.



Middlesex County

26 Shunpike Road
Cromwell, Connecticut 06416
Tel. 860-635-5700
Fax. 203-929-5202


Fairfield County

1000 Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, Connecticut 06484
Tel. 203-929-2400
Fax. 203-929-5202